Becky Winter

I Heart Art Studios LLC

340 W Grand Ave #101

Wisconsin Rapids, WI  54495

Phone: 715-712-0009


Artist Trading Card Information:

  • No charge to participate.

  • Cards should be no larger than 2.5"x3.5"

  • Create art on the front of your card however you'd like - must be your art creation!

  • Write your name, the date you created the card, and city/state or country that your from on the back. (Minors only include first name and state. The back of the cards will get photographed.  DO NOT PUT YOUR ADDRESS ON THE CARD ITSELF).

  • Be sure to write your return address on the envelope clearly or place it on a small piece of paper and put it in the envelope.

  • Mail it to me at the address above.

  • If you send me one card - you will get one in return.  If you send me 3 cards, you will get 3 cards in return.  Please don't send more than 10 cards unless you are okay with only receiving 10 cards in return.

  • The cards you get in return will be from me and other artists who have sent me cards.  You may or may not receive one from me.

  • International cards are welcome to participate but please write your address exactly as it should be and place it on a note inside your enevelope. 

  • If you'd like to include a stamp or self addressed envelope or anything else, you are welcome to include it.  :) 

  • You can watch the card openings on my YouTube channel or look at all the cards in their photo gallery on Instagram. 

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