Let's Get Creative

Want to attend an event but there isn't one scheduled or you want to paint something different?  Let's schedule one together!  You pick the date, time, and picture!  I'm even happy to paint a new sample for you if you don't love any of the ones below.  However, if there is one similar, the images can be adjusted during events to fit the creative style of each painter. I encourage creativity!  

Some images may need to be adjusted  based on the size of the canvas, age of the painters, and time availble to paint.

In-Studio Public Event Prices*:

  • Antique Window: $45/person includes window or bring your own for $35.

  • Porch Sign:  $35/person

  • Canvas:

    • 16x20: $30/person

    • 10x20: $25/person

    • 11x14: $20/person

    • 8x10: $15/person

  • Paint Pour:

    • 2 Canvas Pour: $55/person includes 8x10 canvas and choice of 10x20 or 12x12

    • Coasters: $35/person for 1 set for $55 for 2 sets

  • Rock Painting: $12/person

  • Slime: $15/person

  • Wood Blocks

    • 7x7: $15/person

    • Large Trio: $35/person

    • Small Trio: $25/person

    • Prices vary on other sizes

More painting surfaces, sizes, and styles may be available due to current availability and stock on-hand.

*Fundraising prices are higher.

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Winter & Christmas Designs


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